Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions Ireland Limited is a software development and intellectual property research and licensing company building state of the art software focused on enhancing all aspects of the revenue cycle supply chain. We are a team of top developers and software architects who are focused on driving enterprise value by building ease to use, simply solutions to a complex supply chain challenges in the medical billing industry. We license our software for others to use and continually enhance the user experience, while maintaining our licensed product and continually researching new solutions to provide our existing and new customers.

Our Philosophy

We are keen to build software that customers want to use. We want to provide software and intellectual property that is of value and represents cutting edge thinking and which provides much needed solutions to significant and complex revenue cycle and medical billing challenges.

How We Are Different

Syncordia was founded with the one mandate:

  • We are committed to innovation within the healthcare industry, using technologies of tomorrow and best industry practices.

We are not a traditional software company or private equity investor. We take the best of both worlds and look to build a better model – one that allows for organic growth fueled by the capital backing of a large organization.